Fashion and Apparel design

Fashion and apparel are important aspects of our daily lives. They not only serve the purpose of covering and protecting our bodies but also allow us to express our individuality and personal style.Fashion designers draw inspiration from various sources such as art, culture, nature, history, and current trends. They use their creativity and imagination to develop unique design concepts and translate them into tangible garments or accessories.

I am a Fashion designer, Pattern maker and 3D fashion designer. I have graduated from Technical College of Textiles and Design, Bachelor of Fashion Designer. I have 10 years of professional experience in the fashion industry. Specializing in the production and manufacture of clothing, swimwear, sportswear and sleepwear.My specialties include fashion design, pattern making, pattern development, pattern from production, 3D visualization. I have an obsessive drive to make my clients’ vision a reality, with more than 10 years of fashion design experience to prove that. I create models of 2D and 3D projects.I work with clients starting or develop their fashion line. I create a design in accordance with the wishes of the client and his future brand fashion line.

Bilyana Ivanova


FBL Design is a Bulgarian fashion development studio, based in Sofia, Bulgaria founded in 2022 by a designer duo Bilyana Ivanova (Fashion) and Petar Kosorov (Graphic and Print design).
At FBL we work one-on-one with you to achieve high quality and perfectly fitted pieces. We take care of developing the concept, patterns, samples, tech packs, costing sheets, and basically each seam, with passion.
We have an international, trusted, and highly experienced portfolio of partner factories that we put at work for you. We find, organize, manage, plan, and inspect each production.
Every brand needs to step up their game. We help you decide and execute exactly what matters to your target market and provide the  support you needed all along.



January 2022

Our clients ...

We approach all ideas respectfully 

... love us

One step at a time is the pattern we follow developing all of our projects. All customers we work with appreciate our methods and we always reach the final idea. In most cases the results come out even better that what was previously imagined by the client.

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Our goal is to help people in the best way possible. this is a basic principle in every case and cause for success. 

Our key is to understand our client’s brand, collaborate effectively, and create a fashion collection that reflects your vision while also appealing to your target audience.

We create virtual clothing with pattern design, print design and texture fabric.We also create a brand collection fashion show video.

We create original print designs for our clients.

We create pattern design for development and production with grading according to the fit.We can make sample according to the wish customer.